⚡ Season 1 Cafe Racer TV ⚡

The donor bike, a 1978 Honda CX500, originally coined the Ugly Duckling, was brought from the barn to the whorkshop before teardown. The subframe was modified to fit a custom cafe racer seat, electronics were relocated under the seat and battery moved under the engine. Lowered front forks complete the style with a Buell front brake and rejetted carbs.


Hageman's modified 1978 Honda CX500 covered 3 episodes of Cafe Racer TV Season 1, Episodes 4-6, before being shipped to Chicago and put in the hands of Larry Fletcher from the Ton-Up Club for a windy-city test drive. The custom bike eventually caught the eye of a private collector oversees, the tank re-painted orange and the bike shipped to it's new owner.


“I think Greg Hageman is probably one of the best in the industry today. His level of expertise is unparalleled.”